Visual Effects

With over 20 years experience in digital design, I have honed a range of skills to suit various visual effects requirements.

Visual effects in movies had me transfixed from an early age. I began experimenting with digital media while studying, developing an interest in digital imagery by manipulating studio photography using Photoshop.

I'm passionate about visual effects and can offer a range of specialised services. From photo-real 3D modelling, texturing, and rendering, to compositing, motion design, animated graphics, and title sequences.

Visual effects can be integrated into a videography commission, or I can be hired in a freelance capacity.

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  • 3D Modelling

    Photoreal models and assets accurately built.

  • Animation

    Visualisations and scenes brought to life.

  • Motion Graphics

    Graphic design and typography in smooth motion.

  • Architectural

    Photoreal interior and exteriors designed and animated.

  • Special Effects

    Integrating compelling effects with real world footage.

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