“Becoming the Nightmare” Music Video Production

A fantasy style narrative music video for a progressive metal solo artist

Proudly presenting “Becoming the Nightmare”. A music video with Andy Gillion and featuring performance artist Isabella Cosh.

This was a joint project between myself and good friend Andy Gillion to promote a track from his debut solo album Neverafter. Andy is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, and songwriter from the UK now based in Melbourne.

In addition to the filming and editing, I undertook extensive visual effects work to realise the narrative we had devised for the video. The “Behind the Production” companion film above shows a little insight into the work involved.

I’m looking for new projects and collaborations, so please get in touch if you’d like to work with me on something.

The film was shot here in the South West of England.

Synopsis: The music tells the story of a young girl, Aria, and her journey through a dreamworld as she searches for resolution after the tragic loss of her mother. A music box – all that is left of her mother’s possessions – fails to sound ever since that fateful day. Its melody, all but forgotten, haunts Aria’s dreams and into a deep sleep she enters, in search of that faithful sound, so that she may remember happiness once again – and once again be free.

“BECOMING THE NIGHTMARE” from the debut solo album NEVERAFTER by ANDY GILLION ℗2019 Gillion Records: andygillion.com / Insta: @andygillion